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03) Reputation Analysis: 10 guests package (ENG)

03) Reputation Analysis: 10 guests package (ENG)

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Reputation Analysis: 10 guests package

Service carried out in collaboration with www.monitoraggiodellareputazione.it


Reputation analysis service, performed in multiple sessions. Whenever the facility requires it, until the number of guests indicated in the package has been used up.

Each analysis is associated with a unique name (name and surname) and is structured as follows:

  • We will do a manual search [#] on the main search engines (including google) and social networks (facebook, twitter, linkedin, Instagram, …).
  • We will carry out an automated search with professional programs to analyze the online contents.
  • We will perform a manual search [#] combined with the word “review” to see which reviews have already been written by them.
  • We will perform a manual search [#] on the main search engines of sites for adults looking for tracks that can be linked to this person.
  • We will carry out a manual search [#] aimed to identify the presence of personal data on the internet (birth data, telephone numbers, addresses, fiscal code, …)
  • We will carry out a manual search [#] by combining sexual and / or vulgar keywords with their name.
  • We will verify with automated programs the presence of tags associated with the name.
  • We will search, if possible, for pictures of their face, among the images published on the internet.
  • We will provide a final report of what turned out to be negative related to the reputation of their name.


[#] It’s important to highlight that the manual search carried out by our operators is not the search for a common user but uses very specific search operators whose correct use requires precise knowledge of the queries sent to the search engines. It should also be noted that the search is carried out only on public content.

Why don’t we offer services at lower costs?

Very simple: we work with the utmost precision! Our policy is not to have more customers but to have only happy customers. If you work fast and at low cost, you offer poor service. Our services are of high quality and are the best because we do not use only the technological tools, necessary but not sufficient. They are managed and supervised by real operators who are able to grasp meanings, data and nuances in a more precise and reliable way than a machine. A search for example can provide you 30 false positives and only one significant data. We only process the latter and do it with care, since the G.R.A.C.E. team it is made up of human beings who like to do their job and are at your service 24 hours a day if necessary.

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